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Popular Treatments

Rhinoplasty is a plastic surgery operation performed by making changes in the bone and cartilage structures of the…
Breast augmentation surgeries are procedures for women to enlarge their breasts in size and shape.
In people who do not have weight problems such as obesity but have lubrication that cannot be eliminated…
Abdominoplasty, also called abdominoplasty, is a kind of plastic surgery operation. It is one of the…
If there is a lack of tissue in the butt and hip area, the butt appears low and hangs over the leg. This causes an…
In this method, grafts are collected with the help of a medical pen called choi, which should only be used by…
Implants are artificial tooth roots that are placed in the jawbone and made to support dentures.
In sleeve gastrectomy surgery, the stomach is turned into a long, thin tube like a banana. With the…

Dr. Soho Clinic

Dr. Soho Clinic, we are trying to establish language and cultural communication with doctors and other healthcare professionals, and to provide two-way information exchange between patients and healthcare personnel.

Providing service in Hair Transplantation, Dental Health, Plastic Surgery and many different health issues, Dr. Soho Clinic provides services in many areas from planning, accommodation and transfer of the most appropriate treatment for patients. It is a company that manages the patient’s process from the beginning to the end of the treatment in the best way and is based on patient satisfaction.

Airport Transfer

We meet and transfer our patients coming from abroad or domestically with our translators and private vehicles.


We take you from the airport and transfer you to your hotel without any problems with our translators and private drivers.

Interpreter Service

Our translators accompany you 24/7 during your treatment. Thus, we ensure that you do not experience any problems during the treatment.

Why Turkey?

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In practice, hair follicles taken from the nape are transplanted to the targeted bald area. These hair follicles taken are

Recovery Period After Liposuction

After the operation, specially produced corsets should be used. These corsets are used for approximately 4 to 8 weeks, depending

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Who Can Have Nose Aesthetics?

Nose aesthetics or rhinoplasty is the name given to surgical operations performed to change the shape of the nose.Reasons for

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