Dr. Soho Clinic
About Dr.Soho Clinic

About Dr.Soho Clinic;

Dr. Soho Clinic, we are trying to establish language and cultural communication with doctors and other healthcare professionals, and to provide two-way information exchange between patients and healthcare personnel. You can ask all the questions that come to your mind about Dr. Soho Clinic.

Providing service in Hair Transplantation, Dental Health, Plastic Surgery and many different health issues, Dr. Soho Clinic provides services in many areas from planning, accommodation and transfer of the most appropriate treatment for patients. It is a company that manages the patient’s process from the beginning to the end of the treatment in the best way and is based on patient satisfaction.

We strive to understand the needs of our patients and their relatives, taking into account the entire process, and to offer a service quality that goes beyond their expectations. We want to make them feel our hospitality. We are here to give them the necessary support to lead a healthy life.

Ensuring the safety of our patients, their relatives and employees is our top priority. We do not want anyone to be harmed due to preventable mistakes and we comply with the requirements. We work to ensure that patients and their relatives receive health care safely by determining possible risks in advance.

So now we will briefly tell you about our mission, vision and quality policy.

Our Mission

We are a pioneering organization that provides reliable, patient-oriented and quality services at the highest level that medicine has reached in all the health services we specialize in, prioritizes patient and employee safety, respects patient rights, is sensitive to the environment, educates qualified healthcare workers, is innovative and constantly improves itself.

Our Vision

To be a healthcare institution that is set as an example with a modern management system, medical practices and technology, meets the expectations of the society and all the health needs of our patients, and is primarily preferred in accordance with international standards with these features.

Our Quality Policy

Based on national and international standards; was established to provide high-quality service that supports development with continuous training, using measurement and improvement mechanisms focused on patient and employee satisfaction, with managerial support in this direction, and to ensure that it is adopted by employees.