What is a Bichectomy?

Bichectomy is a surgical procedure that improves the appearance of the cheeks. Some people complain about the round and plump appearance of their cheeks. Indeed, chubby cheeks, which cause an excessively round appearance on the face, disrupt the natural oval shape of the face and negatively affect the aesthetic appearance. The chubby appearance of the cheeks is caused by the excess fat tissues in the lower part of the cheek. With bichectomy, also known as cheek thinning aesthetics, a more attractive facial appearance is obtained by intervening fat bags on the cheeks. The procedure is performed with a very small incision (4 mm) in the oral mucosa. It is a safe, fast and permanent operation.

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Who Can Have Cheek Thinning Aesthetics?

Yanak bölgesindeki yağ nedeniyle tombul yüz görünümünden endişe duyanlar işlem için uygun adaydır. Aynı şekilde, diyet ve egzersiz yaparak yüzlerini inceltmeye çalışan ancak sonuç alamayan kişiler de yanak inceltme estetiğinden fayda görebilirler. Bazen daha zayıf kişiler de tombul ya da dışbükey yanak görünümüne sahip olabilir. Yine bu kişilerde ameliyatla görünümlerini iyileştirebilir.

How is a Bichectomy Done?

The procedure is performed by numbing the nerves in the cheek area under local anesthesia. After the inside of the mouth is completely disinfected, a 2.5 cm incision is made on the inside of your cheek. Then, enough adipose tissue is gently removed. After the procedure is completed, the incision area is closed with self-dissolving sutures. Then the patient can go home immediately. The operation time is between 30-45 minutes in total.