Carboxy Therapy

What is Carboxy Therapy?

Carboxytherapy is a treatment method that started in France in 1930 and is suitable for medical use, by applying carbon dioxide (CO2) gas to the subcutaneous tissue by injection method, especially for the elimination of skin problems such as cellulite and cracks. The regional application of carbon dioxide (CO2) gas into the adipose tissue creates a lipolytic, that is, dissolving effect on the fat cells. The reason for the melting effect of carbon dioxide gas in the adipose tissue is the increase in blood flow in the region. With the increase in blood flow, the amount of oxygen carried to the region increases and the destruction of fat cells can be achieved.

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How is Carboxytherapy Application Performed?

In line with the expectations of the person and the determination of the physician, the regions where the carboxytherapy application will be performed and the application plan are determined. With a process performed on a surface 3 mm deep to the skin, carbon dioxide gas is injected under the skin with the help of injection. With the gas absorbed by the tissue, the effect of accelerating metabolism is initiated.

How Long Does Carboxytherapy Application Take and How Many Times Is It Done?

In carboxytherapy, each session lasts an average of 15 – 30 minutes. In this respect, the person can return to his daily life after this method, which is practical and can be carried out even during the lunch break. In line with the intended treatment, desired results are achieved within an average of 10-20 sessions with 1-2 applications per week.