What is Genital Aesthetics?

According to recent research, women have a rapidly increasing demand for genital aesthetics. Genital aesthetics is an application that is evaluated under the title of surgical and non-surgical genital aesthetics with today’s technology and gives satisfactory results.

The underlying factor behind the increasing demands for Labiaplasty, Vaginoplasty and applications that provide solutions to other problems of the region is that women respect their bodies much more than before and want to exist in a healthy way at every stage of their lives.
Every woman experiences vaginal problems at certain times in her life. Vaginal problems, which increase due to aging and decrease in estrogen hormone, especially after giving birth, cause different health and aesthetic problems in 2 out of every 3 women.

Non-surgical genital aesthetics is performed with a device made with advanced laser, which many women have experienced and achieved successful results in the United States. Monalisa touch, The main feature of the device called Monalisa Touch is that it solves possible problems of the vagina with reliable radiofrequency, CO2 Fractional Laser technology.

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Who Can Have Genital Aesthetics Without Surgery?

Every woman who has given birth or not but who has problems with dryness, recurrent bacteria, pH deterioration, vaginal laxity, pain or numbness during sexual intercourse, discoloration and urinary incontinence can safely have this application done.

After Non-Surgical Genital Aesthetic Monalisa

You can switch to your social life immediately after the non-surgical genital aesthetic Monalisa application. It is enough to keep the area hygienic for a few days. You can use prescription creams recommended by your doctor. In the same way, you can have sexual intercourse after 2-3 days.