What is HydraFacial?

A kind of anti-aging care method, hydrafacial; It is a procedure that is also used in skin rejuvenation, acne and spot treatment. Hydrafacial is completely painless and painless because it does not include a device, injection and similar methods that work with the vacuum method and clean the skin deeply.

Thanks to the improved vortex technology, the method that ensures the regeneration of the skin without damaging the skin; It is an application that is frequently preferred by those who want to have a healthier, brighter, beautiful and younger looking skin. Thanks to the Hydrafacial method, deep skin cleansing, peeling, renewal, moisturizing and antioxidant protection processes can be applied in a single session.

The vacuum vortex head, which provides cleaning up to the lowest layer of the skin, peels the skin at a microscopic level and purifies it from all dead cells, excess oil and blackheads that accumulate and cause closure of the pores. Fine scratches and wrinkles on the skin surface, existing color differences and stains can be treated with serums prepared for different skin types. Peptide solutions containing antioxidant, hyaluronic acid and protein are applied under the skin, making the skin look healthy, young, lively and soft. Thanks to the hydrafacial method, in which all procedures are combined in one session, many different maintenance procedures are applied easily, quickly and effectively.

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How is Hydrafacial Applied?

It is extremely simple to apply hydrafacial, which is easily applied without feeling pain and accelerates cell metabolism and regeneration. In the first stage, the cleansing solution suitable for the skin type of the person to be treated is selected. The skin surface and pores are softened and the skin is cleaned by applying vacuum. In the second stage, the skin is nourished with the help of a solution specially selected for the skin type and problem.

Thanks to its radiofrequency head, the applied solution is fed to the skin. The solution used during this process, as it contains peptides, antioxidants and hyaluronic acid that activates the collagen structure, provides moisturizing, repair and regeneration of the skin. By creating a shock effect with the cooling cap, the solution is trapped in the skin. In the last stage, the skin tissue is stimulated by applying LED therapy. This process tightens the pores and ensures that they remain under protection for a long time. The hydrafacial system, which can be applied to all skin types, people of all ages, throughout 4 seasons, minimizes the external effects that the skin is exposed to during seasonal transitions and preserves the moisture balance of the skin.

What Does the Hydrafacial Application Do?

In addition to environmental factors, as a result of faulty applications such as wrong make-up to look beautiful, sunbathing for a long time and the use of cosmetic products that are not suitable for the skin type, the skin pores are closed and it becomes unable to receive enough air and moisture. In addition to all these, as a result of the accumulation of dead cells in the lower layers of the skin, the skin looks older, tired and wrinkled.

Thanks to the hydrafacial, which does not require any special care after the application, all these problems are eliminated in a period of half an hour. After the cleaning process, in which the existing problems are eliminated while cleaning the skin deeply, while dead skin and cells are aspirated with a vacuum nozzle, serums that nourish the skin in a healthy and effective way are pumped under the skin.

After the applied cleaning and care process, the unwanted appearance is eliminated with different LED types used according to the staining problem on the skin. If necessary, peeling can also be applied. Thanks to the method, which can be safely applied to sensitive, dried and worn skin types, the tissues are not damaged. It offers a comfortable, beautiful and lively looking skin without irritating the skin or leaving any marks. Skin wrinkles and spots, enlarged pores, acne and black spots, skin wrinkles and problems specific to oily skin are eliminated with the hydrafacial application. In a single session, the following procedures can be applied to people of all ages and skin types in less than 30 minutes.