What is Leg Lift?

With aging, the legs lose their tension due to reasons such as childbirth. Sagging occurs in the inner thigh. If you want to get rid of such relaxation and sagging and make your legs look like the first day, Leg Lift surgery is the right treatment.

This surgery, in which these sagging tissues are removed by liposuction or surgically, is performed under general anesthesia in 1-2 days.

Before the operation, the specialist doctor should perform the necessary procedures to measure both the fat tissues in the legs and the sagging. In the leg stretching surgery, the suture marks remain inside the leg and there are no suture marks when viewed from the outside.

The patient can avoid heavy work and return to his daily life in 1 week.

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How is the surgery done?

Excess and drooping skin and subcutaneous excesses are removed by making appropriate incisions from the appropriate areas. As a result of the surgery, there may be scars on invisible parts of the body. These scars are usually in the area close to the armpit and the inner part of the arm, which are the least visible places for the arms when viewed from the outside. For leg stretching, the groin area is hidden in the inner part of the leg and in the fold area under the hip.

What are the Points to Be Considered After the Surgery?

There is pain for a few days after the surgery. Pain is relieved with painkillers. As the days go by, the pain subsides completely. In the first days, there is also a feeling of tension in the arms and legs and swelling. In this process, it is recommended to keep the hands and feet elevated in order to reduce swelling. The patient is usually discharged after 1-2 days in the hospital.

It is possible to see swelling and bruises that will pass in a few weeks after the surgery. Return to work within 7 to 10 days. However, patients are advised to use an appropriate corset for one month. In the same period, it is necessary to stay away from heavy exercise and not to overstretch your legs.

It takes 6 months to 1 year for all swelling to go away and for your legs to take the desired final shape.