What is Microblading?

Microblading hair technique is a semi-permanent application that offers you the opportunity to have the eyebrow you want instantly. The procedure consists of two sessions and the session interval is four weeks.

Cream anesthesia is applied before the procedure and liquid anesthesia is applied during the procedure. Pain, pain, swelling, bleeding, redness and bruising do not occur and you can continue your daily life after the procedure. The duration of the procedure is two hours and the permanence varies between one and two years depending on the skin type.

Microblading is a process consisting of lines drawn in the direction of the hair with disposable small nano needles on the epidermis, the top layer of the skin. Since the dermis, which is the lowest layer of the skin, is not descended, there is no scattering (tattoo image) and color change in the paint.

The procedures that undergo color change are bleeding and deeply applied procedures. Since the paint goes too deep, it cannot go out when the time comes and it changes color by oxidation. Quality products and expert experience are the most important factors in these processes. It is possible to revise the previously made permanent make-up and faded processes with microblading.

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How is Microblading Applied?

In this excellent technique, which appears as a manual method among receptive eyebrow make-ups, pigment placement is a method applied with much thinner needle tips than normal. This perfect system, which creates a very clear image when placed close to the surface, results in an extraordinary eyebrow structure. An excellent service provided in high technology and healthy conditions helps you feel safe. Your expert, who has introduced himself with his knowledge, skills and abilities, supports you in this regard and continues to be your assistant in the best process.

How Permanent Is Microblading?

Microblading disappears in an average of 1 year. This period may vary according to the structure of human skin. People who are satisfied with the permanent make-up microblading application should regularly update this application. The reason is due to this disappearance process. Microblading renewal process is between 1-1,5 years depending on the time of disappearance. When you need to update, you can retouch and make some changes according to individual needs.