What is Mimic Aesthetics?

Mimic aesthetics is the injection of botox and filler application into key points, which helps to eliminate wrinkles due to mimic movements in the face and neck region. Starting from the idea that everyone has different mimic movements, mimic aesthetics is individually planned and offers a total facial rejuvenation opportunity.

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For Which Problems Is Mimic Aesthetics Used?

  • Those who have problems with cheeks, dimples in the tear duct, nasolabial lines (lines that become prominent between the nose and cheek), cheekbones that have lost their clarity, barcode lines (vertical lines above and around the lip), collapse and sagging in the lower jaw area
  • Those who want to reveal their facial features again
  • Those who want to rejuvenate naturally in accordance with their original characteristics without losing the expression on their face
  • Those who want to get rid of their wrinkles without the need for surgical intervention
  • Those who want to get results from the instant facial rejuvenation application
  • Those who want to return to their daily routine in a short time
  • Facial asymmetry problem

How is Mimic Aesthetics Performed?

The face is anesthetized with anesthetic cream. In mimic aesthetics, it is extremely important to individualize the treatment, taking into account the individual needs, wishes and preferences of the patient. In the treatment planning, the patient’s gender, face and skin type, and current aesthetic interventions are taken into account, the effect of the application to be made on other areas is calculated and planned, the mimic lines that have formed or may occur, and the key points are determined after the patient is examined.
Filling is applied to the areas that need volume.
Botox is applied to recurrent dynamic wrinkles and a personalized application is performed.