What is Maternity Aesthetics?

Basically, maternity aesthetics deals with the changes in the physical characteristics of the body during and after pregnancy and aims to help women regain the youthful image they had before birth. It does this by offering several surgical procedures in a single package, aiming to achieve the desired result in a short time.

Complaints such as sagging of the breasts due to postpartum breastfeeding, fat in the abdomen and hips, cracks and swelling in various parts of the body are evaluated within the maternal aesthetic package. Thanks to the control procedures to be carried out in a short time, the most common effects of childbirth and breastfeeding on a woman’s body are considered collectively and the body is restored to its former form with a single surgical operation. Among the surgical procedures in which these various combinations are applied; There are procedures such as breast lift and tummy tuck, removing excess fat in the abdomen. All these procedures are presented among the most common standard surgical methods. In line with personal needs and expectations, patient-based procedures are planned and evaluated in a single package, taking into account the processes that vary from person to person.

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What Is Aimed With Maternity Aesthetics?

Being a natural process in life, pregnancy causes many changes in the body. It is possible to talk about these changes in the abdomen, breasts, skin, vagina and even the face. A standard maternity aesthetic surgery helps to lift breasts, achieve a flat stomach and a rejuvenated vagina. Maternity aesthetics gathers all these procedures under one roof and thus allows you to receive surgical intervention in an uninterrupted manner and as a package, without the need for separate anesthesia intervention and recovery process.

The application of maternity aesthetics, which facilitates the motherhood process to pass with more pleasant and positive emotions, makes the person satisfied with their appearance, positively affects their self-esteem and makes them feel better. Thanks to maternity aesthetics, it is aimed to positively affect the mental and physical condition of the person and to increase the quality of life of the person. Thanks to the application, the changes created by the pregnancy process in the body are discussed and it is aimed to restore the physical features that were possessed before birth. At this point, the expectations of the person are very important. For this purpose, in addition to the procedures established as standard for everyone, the necessary procedures for the recovery of the mother are applied with personalized methods.

With maternity aesthetics, it is aimed to recover the deformed body in one go and return it to the best possible state without the need for several operations. It is possible to create a personalized maternity aesthetic package by choosing a few items according to one’s own needs from the procedures listed as standard for complaints such as sagging breasts and volume deterioration, skin deterioration such as cracks and sagging, excess fat in the body.

To Whom and In Which Situations Is It Applied?

The most suitable candidates for maternity aesthetics are those whose babies have been weaned at least 6 months after their birth. In the 6-month period after birth, it is necessary to allow the body to renew and heal itself. For this reason, it is recommended to postpone procedures such as breast augmentation until after the breastfeeding period. While maternity aesthetics is healthier for people who do not plan to have children anymore, it is also a suitable type of aesthetic operation for expectant mothers who are considering having a pregnancy again after the procedure. However, with the pregnancy process to be passed again, the skin and abdominal muscles will be stretched again and will need repair. For this reason, candidates who are considering getting pregnant again after undergoing maternity aesthetics should consider such consequences.

One of the most important criteria for the application of maternity aesthetics is that the patient does not have any discomfort that prevents the operation. Conditions that prevent anesthesia or the drugs you use regularly are among the important factors affecting the performance of the operation. However, if you have a habit of smoking, you should quit this habit at least 3 weeks before the operation. Since smoking can also negatively affect the recovery process after the operation, not using it during the convalescence period will ease the pain and make it easier to complete the process.

As a result, for whom the aesthetic operation is suitable and in which situations it is applied varies according to the body structure of the candidate, personal wishes and body anatomy. The healing process takes place in different time intervals proportionally and uniquely to the person.