What is Nemesis Prix 3?

Nemesis and Prix 3, which is a tremendous method that treats skin tissues and adipose tissues simultaneously, is one of the most popular applications of the last period.

Nemesis and Prix III, which have radio frequency technology, have the ability to dissolve fat tissues without damaging the skin tissues. Prix ​​III, which is extremely effective in the treatment of cellulite, breaks down the fat tissues in the body with its heat transfer system and ensures that it is excreted from the body through sweat or urine. Nemesis and Prix III are extremely successful and effective methods in the treatment of regional thinning and obesity, especially cellulite.

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Prix III

Prix ​​3 is a device that works with the radiofrequency method. The system performs the process by electric transfer method to melt the deep fatty tissues without damaging the tissues. Prix ​​3, which is considered as one of the effective alternative techniques for cellulite treatment, is especially applied to the hip, leg, abdomen, waist and arm regions, and it provides benefits to the cellulite problem. Prix ​​3, which we get very productive results when applied together with weight loss diets, is also used successfully in pain treatments.


With Nemesis vacuum massage and meridian massage applications, skin tissues are improved by providing renewal, revitalization and compression of the skin. It reduces edema by helping to remove toxins accumulated in the body. Nemesis treatment method helps to relax the muscles and open the pores. From the first session, the positive effects on the wrinkles and lines in the face area can be observed. As a result of 8 sessions of application, the skin is completely renewed and gets a tighter, tighter and healthier appearance.

There are 2 important details that should be considered before the treatment. The first is to drink plenty of water, and the second is to consume the recommended foods. If you wish, you can have a younger skin with Nemesis treatment, or you can get your body in shape in a short time by taking Nemesis and Prix III applications together.