What is P-Shot?

P-Shot; PRP injection into the penis. PRP is platelet-rich plasma.
The purpose of P-Shot application; It is to solve the possible problems of the area with the patient’s own blood in order for the penis to function better. P-Shot is applied to men who experience loss of sexual performance due to enlarged prostate, prostate cancer, age, side effects of various drugs and treatments. It has no side effects. It is an application that repairs the area, initiates tissue healing, enlarges existing tissues and provides rejuvenation.

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How is it done?

It is an application that allows the penis to function better. Penis Performance Aesthetics is performed with two different methods, P-Shot and Steam Shot. Both methods take 15-20 minutes, are performed with local anesthesia and do not require hospitalization.

In sessions; It is done with 6 or 12 sessions of application. It should be applied by a specialist physician.

For treatment, approximately 20 cc of blood is taken from the patient. It is centrifuged in a special tube, 5 cc PRP is prepared and applied. At the end of the treatment, an average of 5-7 mm elongation and 3-5 mm thickening can be expected around it. Reparative and regenerative factors taken from the person’s own blood are injected into the penis and the area is aimed to self-repair. A spontaneous repair process begins in the penis by injecting the platelets with reparative properties, which are separated from the blood, into the penis.

While PRP repairs the area, it stimulates tissue healing, enlarges the tissues and stimulates the stem cells to rejuvenate the tissues.

Platelets injected into the damaged areas in the spongy tissues that provide erection in the penis in the PRP treatment will achieve the recovery of the flexibility of these tissues and that the tissues are not sufficiently filled with blood.

To Whom?

P-Shot treatment, which also offers a solution to the problem of erection, can also be performed by any man who has had fat transfer to his penis and wants to preserve the results and has realistic expectations.