What is Penis Enlargement?

The erectile circumference of the penis is 10-11.5 cm. Penis thickening occurs by transferring tissue into the penile skin. Generally, patients request thickening for psychological reasons.

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Penis Enlargement Surgery

The circumference of the thickness of a fully erected normal penis is 10 – 11.5 cm. Penis enlargement operation is performed by injecting 20-30 ml of fat tissue taken from the abdomen with liposuction under the skin of the penis with a thick needle. This fat distribution should be made symmetrically around the penis. However, oil cannot be injected into the glans head. In other words, even if a symmetrical fat distribution is made to the penis, patients may not be satisfied with the appearance because the penis head remains small. In addition, the injected fat melts 50-60% within 1 year and disappears. When penis enlargement is done, the asymmetrical distribution of fat and the formation of an asymmetrical appearance due to the melting of the fat over time creates a worse aesthetic appearance than before. In this case, patients who have been operated in other centers are restored by removal of the fat tissue by us. For these reasons, penile thickening by injecting oil is not a preferred method.

What is the Ideal Penis Thickness?

There are ideal dimensions of penis sizes and thickness. In terms of penis thickness, we generally have to consider the thickness of the penis in the erect state. The ideal penile thickness should be at the level of 10 – 11 CM in erection size. There is a thickness problem in penises smaller than this ratio.