Penis Extension

One of the most important problems for men is penis size, length, thickness and functionality. Today, men may complain of various deformities, size problems, thinness and curvature in their penis, and therefore they prefer penile aesthetic surgery. Depending on many reasons or completely in direct proportion to the patient’s request; penile lengthening surgery, penile thickening surgery, penile curvature correction surgery, circumcision correction surgeries can be performed.

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What Are Normal Penis Sizes?

The length of the penis is approximately 6-7 cm in flaccid state and 14-15 cm in the erect state. In an adult male, the circumference of the penis is approximately 9 cm when the penis is loose, and about 12 cm in the case of erection. All these dimensions may differ according to the person, race, age and weight.

What is the Effect of Penis Length on Sexual Relationship?

The opinion that a long and thick penis is better in terms of orgasm and pleasure during sexual intercourse is a common but incorrect view. The reason for this is that pornographic publications and comments and evaluations in the media highlight the long and thick penis. 6 cm loose, 10 cm erect. penis length is sufficient for a healthy sexual intercourse. Orgasm in both men and women occurs with a complex mechanism in which the soul, body, mind, emotions, in short, the whole body participates, beyond the dimensions of the genitals.