What is Personalized Skin Serum?

These concept serum combinations, applied by dermatologists and plastic surgeons for detailed skin diagnosis, act with the motto “Tell Us About Your Skin”. This concept, which enables the preparation of individual, personalized serums, consists of twenty of the most effective and high quality active ingredients. In order to create a serum with its special content, your specialist first conducts a comprehensive research about your skin type, medical history, daily skin care and skin problems. With the information you provide, your skin’s needs are diagnosed and which actives your skin needs are determined. With the active ingredients added at different rates after functional diagnosis, personalized skin serums are created freshly in front of your eyes, instantly.

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Advantages of Personalized Skin Serum

• Fresh skin care products, personalized for you by experts, create a perfect synergy with the physiology of your skin.
• Offers personalized skin care
• It is a serum that is specially configured for you.
• It is done in front of your eyes under hygienic conditions
• It is instantly freshly formulated
• Content is provided according to your skin type and your skin story
• It is a serum suitable for your skin physiology

Why Should I Use a Personalized Skin Serum?

Each skin type, degree of aging, collagen quality and lifestyle are different from each other. Serums, on the other hand, are cosmetic products that provide a perfect care for the skin. However, based on the idea that the needs of each skin, living standards and skin types of individuals are different from each other, these personalized skin serums have been created.