Regenera Actıva Autologıcal
Mıcro Graft(Haır Loss Treatment)

What is Regenera Activa Treatment?

Regenera Activa; It is a new technique based on capillary regeneration therapy to combat hair loss. In this technique, a ‘suspension of one’s own (autologous) cells’ is used to regenerate the scalp. Regenera Activa Therapy is a safe and effective technique to combat andogenetic alopecia and other hair loss problems. The application is a single session.

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Effects of Regenera Activa on Shedding Hair

The working principle of Regenera Activa is to give a strong support to the strengthening and self-renewal of the hair follicle cell by obtaining the stem cells and support tissue cells needed for the regeneration of the weakened hair follicle and for it to be healthier, from the person’s own hair follicle and skin tissue.

Regenera Activa Nasıl Uygulanır?

Hair loss in men and women is generally seen in the upper parts of the scalp, that is, in the forehead or top regions. However, the hair follicles in the nape and behind the ears are almost always genetically coded to remain resistant and healthy. The Regenera Activa system is based on the principle of preparing a special cell suspension from these healthy and strong hair follicles, applying this suspension to the problematic scalp areas and supporting the sick and lifeless hair follicles there. 34 hair follicles are taken from the hair in the back of the ear by applying a small local anesthetic. These hair follicles taken are converted into a special super cell suspension in the Regenera Activa system, and a special hair loss treatment is prepared entirely from your own tissue. Treatment is usually a single session 2. A session may be needed after a few years.

Can Regenera Activa be applied to everyone?

In general, if the cause of hair loss is not due to an infection, which is a very rare condition, it can be applied to everyone, men and women, and can even be applied to hair that has been exposed to frequent cosmetic applications, dyes or hairdressing procedures for support purposes only. Because these applications especially disrupt the circulation of the hair follicle, causing it to become lifeless and lose its shine.

Is Regenera Activa an Alternative to Hair Transplantation?

It is not an alternative, but the opposite, a helpful method. Especially male patients who experience hair loss at a young age have to wait until the age of 25-27 for hair transplantation. In this period, it is very important to slow down and reduce the shedding with an important treatment method such as Regenera Activa. In addition, Regenera Activa treatment, which is prepared by using only 3-4 of the thousands of hair follicles taken during the Hair Transplantation application, is a very important support for both rapid healing and rapid and strong growth of the transplanted hair. For this reason, Regenera Activa method is used together in hair transplantation.