What is Secret?

Secret gold needle application can be explained as the Multi RF system used safely in the aesthetic field. With this process, which is performed in combination with the monopolar head and the micro needle radiofrequency head, satisfactory results can be obtained.

This process, which increases the production of collagen in the skin, allows the skin to regain its lost elasticity over time. A younger appearance can be achieved by removing fine wrinkles on the skin. At the same time, the pores are tightened and can be preferred in many different skin treatments. In procedures such as acne and scar treatment, the application of secret gold needles can be activated.

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Why Secret Gold Needle?

  • Secret gold needle application provides successful results with a small number of sessions by combining fractional efficiency and 2Mhz radiofrequency power in a single device.
  • There are 3 mm 10, 25 and 64 needles custom head options.
  • It performs radiofrequency propagation on the skin along the needle line together with the micro needle tip.
  • Can be applied on the face, neck, décolleté, arms and legs.
Thanks to these 3 features listed above, it is possible to get more successful and effective results than traditional methods. The fact that it offers radiofrequency spread especially along the needle line, that is, over a wider area, allows this method to be used for many different skin problems.

SmartCure Technology

SmartCure technology ensures that the total energy is delivered to the desired skin area and at the same time at the desired strength. A controlled reduction of energy is possible when approaching the surface of the skin.

It is possible to transmit RF energy to all skin layers through which the needle passes, as well as the targeted area. Therefore, the damage to the skin surface is also minimized. Thanks to the minimization of skin damage, the patient can return to his daily life in a short time after the procedure.