What is Six Pack (Abdominal Muscle Aesthetics)?

Six pick surgery, which means abdominal muscle aesthetics, is also called baklava abdominal aesthetics in our country.

Six pack is an effective operation that is mostly preferred by men and gives the appearance of muscle in the abdominal region. The operation, which creates a clear contour in the abdomen, is performed by people who want to gain a more fit and younger appearance.

The six pack, which is applied to people who want to build muscle with intense sports and diet practices for such an appearance, can easily provide these people with baklava slice abdominal muscle with this method.

In fact, there are baklava slices in a section from the belly button to the chest area in the abdomen. However, in order to reveal these muscles, it is necessary to do sports for a long time and regularly.

And for people who cannot perform these long-paced sports activities, six pack surgery is one of the most effective methods. In people who have six pack surgery without even doing sports, 6 lozenge muscles appear.

However, in order to ensure its permanence, it is necessary to end habits such as frequent eating and unhealthy lifestyle after surgery.

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What is Six Pack Surgery and How Is It Done?

With six pack surgery, the lubrication in the chest area is basically controlled. The methods to be applied here may also vary according to the degree of lubrication.

If the lubrication in the chest area of ​​the person is excessive, then the breasts are restored with gynecomastia surgery.

After that, the excess fat in the abdomen is removed by liposuction, that is, the fat removal method, and the abdominal muscles in that area are designed, and when necessary, tummy tuck surgery is performed and the procedure is terminated. Six pack lozenge muscles can be formed after the operation, which takes about 1 hour on average.

When Will the Six Pack Effect Appear?

The effects of six pack surgery can be seen immediately after the surgery. However, although swelling and edema may occur for a while due to surgery, a full and successful six pack appearance emerges 7 to 10 days later.

In order to have a more comfortable process after six pack surgery, the person should pay attention to what he eats and drinks. Eating too much or losing too much weight can cause the muscles to disappear. For this, a balanced diet and doing sports are absolutely important to maintain the obtained appearance.

There is no need for people to have any aesthetic concerns for six pack surgery, which is a non-scarring surgery. Some fine scars may remain under the skin only because of the liposuction application. But these also close quickly on their own.