What is SkinDNA?

SkinDNA is a DNA-based laboratory test that uses the unique design power of DNA to identify the genetic strengths and weaknesses of our skin. This test examines the genetic predispositions of the person’s skin and as a result prepares a scientific report. As a result of this report, we have the opportunity to determine which products and professional treatments are compatible with the genetic character of the person. In a sense, making a point in skin care is possible with the SkinDNA test.

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How to Benefit from this Test?

The SkinDNA test allows individuals and us dermatologists to make healthier and more scientific decisions about skin care. SkinDNA™ enables us to diagnose early and intervene before wrinkles appear.

How is the Test Done?

Making the test is very simple; We take a saliva sample from the inside of the cheek. It is analyzed in SkinDNA’s accredited laboratory. We receive the analysis results within 15 days and we interpret the results with our patients.