What is Ultherapy?

Ultherapy is a brand new technology that can solve the non-surgical face lift operation, which can only be achieved with surgical operations, without injection, without the need for a healing process, without risk, with the device called Ulthera, which is based on ultrasound technology, and which is highly preferred in the USA recently.

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How Does Ulthera Work?

Ulthera, just like in other ultrasound treatments, the skin and subcutaneous tissue are displayed on the screen of the Ulthera device so that the working area can be determined by touching the head of the device to the skin. Then, with the same head, thermal damage focuses 3-5 mm below the skin, and the skin is provided to benefit from it in a positive way.

You can think of the application logic like a sewing machine, by triggering point by point in the subcutaneous tissues and thanks to the energy reaching the skin, the stimulation increases, the subcutaneous tissues begin to renew themselves and the production of new collagen in the skin is ensured.

Is the application permanent? When is the effect seen?

The effect of Ulthera ultherapy treatment can last up to 2 years. After a single application, the regeneration and renewal process starts immediately, even at the first moment, a slight lifting effect is seen. This is particularly evident in the jawline and neck. However, the time for the desired result to appear is after 90 days. Full results will be obtained after 6 months. The skin starts to look better with each passing day after the application, after 1 week you feel better, after 1 month the effects become visible, after 3 months the result begins to be observed, and after 6 months it becomes the best.