What is Voice Therapy?

If changes and hoarseness are on the agenda in your normally clear voice, it is useful to investigate the problems that cause this. Because hoarseness may appear as a symptom of a disease, not a disease.

Hoarseness, which expresses the fluctuations in your voice level and the decrease in your voice quality, can be caused by many problems. Your voice may be weak, shaky, and hoarse. The main source of this complaint is infections in the larynx and problems in the vocal cords.

Since it is associated with short-term hoarseness and simple causes such as colds, it is ignored and disappears in a short time. However, it should not be overlooked that long-term hoarseness may be the footsteps of serious medical conditions.

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Causes of Hoarseness

The vocal cords, lungs and the tongue, lips and jaw muscles responsible for shaping the voice are the 3 main structures responsible for the formation of the voice.

The sound is formed by the fusion of the vocal cords in the larynx and closing the gaps between them. If these gaps are not completely closed, we can talk about hoarseness. The cause of hoarseness can be explained by damage to the vocal cords or by irritation of the vocal cords.

hoarseness; upper respiratory tract diseases such as flu, colds, colds, diseases such as reflux, which causes the throat irritation of the acidic content in the stomach, smoking or passive smoking, consumption of drinks containing caffeine or alcoholic beverages, screaming, singing long-term high-decibel songs and shouting. due to voice damage, neurological disorders, allergies, deformations in the vocal cords, inhalation of toxic substances, strong coughing attacks, blows to the voice box in the larynx, abnormal structures in the vocal cords, throat, thyroid, lung cancers, puberty transition period in boys, thyroid gland It is caused by factors such as dysfunctions, weakening and damage of the muscles that help to create sound.

The occurrence of hoarseness can be caused by neurological problems, psychological disorders, hereditary conditions, pregnancy, drugs and hormones used, and malignant tumors. The most common cause of hoarseness is acute laryngitis.

Whose Hoarseness Is Most Common?

Who maintains his work using his voice; Professional groups such as call center workers, peddlers, teachers, announcers, politicians, and singers are more likely to encounter hoarseness. In addition, hoarseness is more common between the ages of 30 and 60. Hoarseness can last for a few hours or it can last a lifetime.